Summer 2021

Greatest Hits - Part I

Usually, when I have a large batch of photos to process, I do a first-pass to produce what I think are the greatest hits. This is always a rushed effort. When I have more time, I revisit that lot and polish the ones that I think could benefit from some tweaks. Occasionally, I’ll find some that I don’t like as much, in retrospect, and I drop those. Through all this, I always end up finding a few comps that I somehow missed the first time around and add them to the list. This process of looking for what I like to think of as hidden gems, is always fun. For whatever reason, the shots I find this way always end up being my favorites.

I went through all of that with the photos I shared from this summer. Posting the final results here. Enjoy* **.

*best viewed on a large, high-quality display (with Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Romanza’ playing in the background)

**prints for most of these images will be available on my online store soon

.. continued in Part II

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